Embrace What Makes Your Soul Happy!

RLT Collection began as a line of fashion bracelets designed and handcrafted by Emmy Award Winning AIDS Activist Rev. Rae Lewis-Thornton. AIDS Awareness is the epicenter of RLT Collection bracelet line, with a desire to make AIDS Awareness a trend in fashion, "wear red" as a way to fight stigma and show support for those living with HIV/AIDS.

After 6 months she expanded her line of fashion bracelets with three permanent, but evolving bracelet collections and two additional "Awareness" lines; Lupus and Breast Cancer.

RLT launched Rae and Tiara Statement Necklaces in 2013. RLT is happy to share the spotlight with her mentee Tiara Willaims in their line of fabulous Statement Necklaces.

Almost a decade later, RLT has expanded her line of Visual Arts through knitting and painting. A 33 year survivor of HIV/AIDS her philosophy is "Embrace What Makes Your Soul Happy," art makes her happy. She sees her different expressions of art form as a way of giving a piece of herself.

Weaved into every brush stroke, every beard design and every Knit and Pearl is hope, faith and love, perseverance, fortitude, activism and let's not forget her savvy style. Artist; Author; Desinger; Statement Necklaces; Tea Connoisseur, RLT Collection is all things Rae Lewis- Thornton!