Fab Agate Droozy Bracelet! SOLD OUT!

SOLD OUT! Fab Agate Droozy Bracelet
SOLD OUT! Fab Agate Droozy Bracelet
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Product Description

SOLD OUT! Fab Agate Droozy Bracelet
This fabaluos bracelets is a design of simply beautiful 12mm Agate Droozy Gemstones. Blue with tones of purple, gold and lots of sparkle.

This bracelet is made on stretch with no clasp or interruption of the design. Easy to wear, just slip it on and go. It is approximately 7 1/4 inch round. For the small wrist it will lay more like a bangle with a loose drop.

Wear this bracelet set individually, or stack them with other bracelets from the RLT Collection for that over the top glamorous look. And donít be afraid to mix color. Any way you choose to wear it is cool! Just remember that a woman should never be without at least one bracelet on her wrist. Thatís A Diva Rule! pearl bracelets.