The Politics of Respectability! Your Autographed Copy!

 The Politics of Respectability!  Paperback!
The Politics of Respectability! Paperback!
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 The Politics of Respectability!  Paperback!
I thought that I would never live to see 50 years of age. In the backdrop of my 50th birthday, I trace my life and my collision with respectability; what a black woman ought to do and be. Iíve been wanting to write a book by my 50th birthday for at least the last eight months. Something that spoke to the very core of who I am as a women; My 50 years of wisdom about sex, dating, self-love and being true to oneís self, but I kept procrastinating.

This book is my story. It unpacks the core of who I am and what I do. I donít know how to be anything else. I am my ministry and my ministry is wrapped around my journey.

My experiences have shaped me for better or worse and they inform my day-to-dayness. My journey landed me into Delta and it landed me out of Delta. This book traces my journey and my collision course with, ďThe Politics of Respectability, from my mother to men.

The need to be seen as respectable ruled my life and left me battered as a girl physically, emotionally and sexually abused and then as a woman living with HIV in secret for 7 years.