Pussy Hat Protest! Join The Movement!

Pussy Hat Protest!
Pussy Hat Protest! Fashion With A Cause!

The Pussy Hat is a Political Statement of Protest against a culture and government that renders women and girls less than. The Pink Pussy Hat began among knitters as a show of solidarity for the Women's March and has become a national symbol of Protest of the Trump Administration.

The demand for Pussy Hats has been overwhelmingly. RLT Collection wants to do its part. By designing a variety of Pussy Hats we become inclusive of causes and style. 4.00 of each Pink Hat sale will be donated monthly to Planned Parenthood and for the rainbow LTBGQ Hats, $4.00 will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign and all other colors $4.00 will be donated to ACLU, as an symbolic and practical gestural for the 4 years of the Trump Administration.

We will wear these hats as a show of solidarity among women issues in the face of a misogynistic government that believes it has the right to legislate a woman's body. We will wear these hats for the issues that are important to us. We will wear these hats as a symbol against the Trump Administration oppressive policies. Wear the one that touches your heart and your issue whether it is Women's Health, HIV/AIDS Awareness, LGBTQ, Domestic Violence,, Breast Cancer Awareness, Lupus Awareness, Health Awareness, Sex Trafficking, Childhood Sexual Abuse and the list goes on and so does the Protest!