Purple Sernity Shawl!

Purple Sernity Shawl!
Purple Sernity Shawl!
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Product Description

The Serenity Shawl is designed to bring comfort and peace. Sometimes known as a Prayer Shawl. It is the perfect gift of comfort and endearment. The luxurious feel of this yarn is soft to the touch. While, it's generous size is designed to provide a cozy feeling of comfort.

While this Shawl is designed to comfort you, it also has a similar effect for the knitter, poviding an uncomplicated knitting pattern that is relaxing and peaceful.

But don't be confused, the Serenity Shawl can also have a dual purpose and become the fashion statement in warm weather. Wrap this stunning Shawl over your sun dress and step like a Diva!

This Shawl is hand knitted with crocheted ruffle trim. It is a rich color of purple tones with a beatiful texture, providing a luxury look. The Shawl measures 83 inches lond and 23 inches wide. The yarn is 80 % Acrylic and 20% Polyester. Machine Wash and Dry.