The Knit Collection!

The  Knit Collection!
Rae Lewis-Thornton says often, "Knitting and Desinging is my Soul Work" RLT leaned to knit over a decade ago in a small knit shop just off Chicago's famous Magnificant Mile. She developed the craft sitting with a group of seasoned women as often as she could. She then learned how to crochet on a weem.

RLT has long wanted to share her knitting with others. She loves the craft and each item is knitted with excellence and love. RLT Knits is her way of sharing yet another piece of her creative side with the world.

Leaning on her savvy style RLT creates wonderful handknitted and crochet scarves, wraps, cows, arm warmers and gloves, corset and all things accessorize!. There will be many one of a kind designs.

RLT uses the highest quality of yarn to knit her creations.