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Unprotected: A Memoir! No More Pre-Orders!
Unprotected: A Memoir! No More Pre-Orders!
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Unprotected A Memoir is Rae Lewis-Thornton tell all memoir. The release date early 2016. Unprotected traces how violated and unprotected Rae Lewis-Thornton was an a child which lead to her own self abuse.

In this tell all memoir, Rae shares imitate details of her childhood sexual abuse at the hands of relatives. Her physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her step-grandmother. She dives head on into her dating and sex life that began at age 13 and how it lead to her HIV status. Rae also reveals for the first time publicly who infected her and the details of their relationship.

While Rae's life reads like a made for TV Movie with abuse and self abuse, Rae shares how she lived parallel worlds of abuse, self-abuse and perseverance Rae never gave up nor gave in to the darkness that she lived.

This is the 20th anniversary of the iconic Essence Magazine cover where Rae first told her story of living with AIDS, having lived with HIV for 31 years and AIDS for 22 years Rae believes it is time that her full story is told. Unprotected is a page turner, thought provoking story of one woman story of abuse and perseverance.