We Love RLT Collection Customers!!

We Love RLT Collection Customers!!
RLT Collection Custmoers Love to Tweet, Instgram and Facebook pictures of them wearing our fabulous designs! We love their combinations of mixing and matching with RLT Collection even with other designers showing the diversity of our bracelets! Most most importantly, we love that they love wearing RLT Collection and we are honored that they wear them with pride!

These are RLT Collection Custmoers and their style wearing our designs!

Phadera Parks, Real  Housewives  of Atlanta!Sheryl Lee Ralph Stacks! Dionne Warrick!
Angela McGowenSantita Jackson!Jacquline and Santita Jackson
Sheryl Lee Ralph!Kim Coles!Fab Tiara! Summer 2013!
Onyx Imani Bracelet! The Stack! Summer 2013!Mix and Match!
Johanna! AKA Mama Cuisine!  The Stack! Summer 2013!Summer 2013! Luv our Senior Customers!
The Stack! Summer 2013!Ms. Lilly! The Stack! Summer 2013!
Alicia! Breast Cancer Survivor!  Summer 2013!Craig! Fab Tiara! Summer 2013! Black Collection!
They Instagram! Summer 2013! Ms. Dwana! Blogger! Jerlyon! Summer 2013!
They Insatgram! Spring 2013!They Instagram! 2013! They Instagram! Spring 2013!
They Instagram! They Instagram! Spring 2013!Spiritual AIDS AIDS Awareness Necklace Layered! 2013!
They Instgram! 2013! Randy FAMU Graduate 2013!Sandy Sporting one of he first AIDS Awareness Bracelets!
They Instgram! Spring 2013! They Instagram! Black Collection 2013! They Instagram! Black Collection 2013!
The Stack! Winter 2013!The Swag! Toni! Winter 2013!
Luke! Spring 2013!They Tweet! Owner of Blink Lash Studio!Diva AIDS Awareness Bracelet 2012!
POW! Fall 2012!Tea With Kindra!Johanna! Summer 2012!
The Stack!Summer 2012!They Instagram! 2013!
Summer 2012!Rena! Summer 2012!Brooke Summer 2011!
The Stack! We Love Our Little Diva'sPastor Mike Jones!
They Mix and Match! They Tweet! Shana! Fashion Blogger!
Stack!! Fall 2011! Stack Fall 2011!Mary Kay!!!
Raijean! Fashion Blogger Swi-Rai Blog!!The Stack! Fall 2011!Paul! The Gent!
The Stack! Fall 2011! Brooke 2010! Kara!
Fall 2010 Wrap Bracelet! The Stack!Alicia-Breast Cancer Awareness Collection! 2010!
The Stack! Breast Cancer Awareness Collection!Lesa!
Ms Toni! Ms Chanel! Imani Bracelet!
Paul!They Stack! Stack!!! 2009!
Brooke 2010!They Tweet! They Tweet!
And They Tweet! And They Instagram! They Facebook Too!
They Tweet! They Facebook!They Instagram!
Summer 2013! They Instagram!Ms. Kindra! Fall 2010!Ms. Donna! Summer 2012!
Fall 2011! They Tweet! Fall 2011! They Tweet! They Tweet!
We Love Little Diva's! The Swag! They Tweet! They Stack!!
They Tweet! They Stack! They Facebook!Ms Judy!
They Take PR Puc's! They Tweet! They Instargam!
They Facebook!They Instagram!We Love The little Diva's!
The Swag! They Instagram!Off To The Market They Go! They Tweet!
They Facebook!They Stack! They Tweet! 2009!How Lovely!